Investment Information

No association (that we know of) has that elusive "open checkbook" and regardless of size and revenue, you have a budget.  Period.  MEMBERS THRIVE was specifically designed and built for every association that's budget-conscious with very affordable investment rates. We don't have different levels of investment and all of our features can be used now and as each new one is released.  Your monthly investment structure is based on your membership.

Annual Contract:  NONE*
*A 30-day notification to terminate services is all we require.


Two (2) options:

A)  One-time setup with importing current data:  $600.


B)  One-time setup with importing current and historical data:  $1,200.

The difference:

Importing your current data includes members, membership types, contacts, groups, committees, affilitates, events, and sponsorships.

Importing historical (old) data includes past / previous invoices, payments, registrations, sponsorships, etc.
(Meaning, you could store the export file somewhere for reference and safe keeping).

Monthly Services

Monthly Investment Rates:

Under - 299 members:$90.
300 - 599 members:$120.
600 - 999 members:$180.
1,000 - 1,499 members:$240.
1,500 - Above members:$320.

Monthly Services include:

  • Hosting
  • Security (See below)
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Unlimited access to all available modules and features
  • Continuous professional training
  • Reliable, timely and continuous support


Standard Lifetime SSL Certificate:  INCLUDED**
**As long as you're a client on MEMBERS THRIVE.  You can't take the SSL with you if you choose to go.

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