What is Members Thrive?

Beta tested and association approved, MEMBERS THRIVE is a fully interactive and feature-rich Member Management System designed and built for associations and their members. MEMBERS THRIVE is your next-generation System that was built for everyone with the like-minded approach to succeed within your association. It's also cloud-based, adaptable, highly versatile and focused on increasing your members' engagement.

It's a new day for how you can CONNECT, ENGAGE, and GROW!

Members and Events

The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System includes the ability to:

  • Manage members and contact information and export member data
  • Manage events and export data
  • View and export event registrations
  • Provide front-end business directory, events calendar, and upcoming events modules to your website
  • Provide online applications for both new members and renewals
  • Add other various forms to your website and collect and organize the submissions
  • Track member and event views and clicks


The MEMBERS THRIVE Engagement Module provides associations with the ability to:

  • Manage all events and sponsorships with engagement tracking
  • Prioritize and weigh each event
  • Aggregate scores by event for members
  • Assign normalization to raw data
  • Measure data to gain understanding of engagement scores
  • Improve events and attendance by connecting with members

For more information on how to Build Successful Member Engagement, CLICK HERE.

Payments and Invoicing

The MEMBERS THRIVE Financials Module allows associations to:

  • Create invoices
  • Send (and schedule) invoices electronically
  • Accept payments online for memberships, renewals, and events

The MEMBERS THRIVE Financials Module is also integrated with QuickBooks®, which saves time and eliminates the hassle of double-entry.


The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System provides an extensive Reports Module.  There are so many, we'd have to type for hours to list them.  But, here are a few categories:

  • Member data
  • Event data
  • Engagement data
  • Membership financial data
  • Sales and prospect data

Basically, you can export anything you see!

Potential Members

The MEMBERS THRIVE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a built-in Module - not 3rd party software.  It allows associations to:

  • Manage contacts, leads, prospects, and opportunities (potential members)
  • Schedule calls, emails, and meetings
  • Assign and aschedule tasks to association staff
  • Record communications
  • Quickly convert opportunities to members

Additional Features

Do you need the features to help with remote working for you and your staff?  We have them!

  • Messenger Feature, which allows coworkers to communicate directly and instantly with a built-in chat feature with history and the option to send copies of messages over email
  • File Sharing Tool, which allows coworkers to share files securely and the option to send notification over email

Future Phases

Upcoming phases of the MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System will include:

  • Constant Contact® integration (Scheduled for March, 2020)
  • MailChimp® integration (Scheduled for April, 2020)
  • Marketplace for members to share everything
  • Member Discount Program
  • Much, much more!

It's a new day for how you can CONNECT, ENGAGE, and GROW!

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