Steps to Building Successful Member Engagement

The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System has a custom-built module specific for generating real-time Member Engagement Scores.

It's a new day for how you can CONNECT, ENGAGE, and GROW and with input from association staff, here’s how it works.


Use the MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System to manage all event registrations and track every event.

The key here is to be consistent.  In order to build a successful and more accurate model, it’s imperative to track all events within the MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System.


Not all events are created equal, so prioritize events and then set a weight to each one.

Association staff will use our easy scale to give each event a value based on the level of its importance to the association.  As a rule-of-thumb, larger annual events carry more weight than weekly or monthly recurring events.


The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System will aggregate scores by event for each member and overall membership.

Now that each event is properly tracked and has a defined numeric weight, the MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System will take over and do the rest.  It will collect and categorize scores per event for every registration and sponsorship sold.


The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System will assign normalization in order to standardize raw scores that people will understand.

The initial aggregated scores would be confusing to members and possibly even association staff to say the least.  So, the MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System converts these values into a recognizable scale for determining what to do next with regard to measurement and growth.


Analyze the data to gain understanding of engagement overall and build on success.

When all members have active engagement scores, association staff can then rank membership based on engagement in order to understand the overall health of events.  Ranking scores will enable staff at all management levels to identify:

  • The “Power” members (and, conversely, know if any have become inactive).
  • Most engaged members.
  • Members who are falling behind in onboarding or those who are at risk of churning.
  • Members who are ready to upgrade membership.

Comparing engagement and profitability across various segments of an association’s overall membership, event attendance, and sponsorships will also allow association staff to gain insight on:

  • Entire membership
  • New members
  • Established members
  • Various membership levels / tiers
  • The “who is attending” from within each specific member business – upper / mid / lower levels
  • Non-members / Guests
  • Categories / Industries


Keep improving events and keep improving attendance by connecting with members.

Understanding and utilizing Member Engagement Scores doesn’t require a large amount of internal bandwidth or staff.  The MEMBERS THRIVE Member Management System provides real-time data on how effectively an association is engaging with members quickly and easily.  This data can help association staff deepen member relationships and drive deeper member loyalty by:

  • Focusing on members who need a little extra attention.
  • Focusing on members who are ready for expansion.
  • Growing WITH members by providing the right experiences that offer the right resources.
  • Testing new events and opportunities for engagement.
  • Providing immediate feedback to tailor and evolve events and initiatives as they unfold to maximize benefits.

Member Engagement Scores will also help association staff prioritize sales and retention efforts by:

  • Driving personalized marketing and communications.
  • Improving the targeting of messaging, events, and what members want.
  • Inventorying assets and reviewing current sponsorship opportunities.
  • Capitalizing on upselling and cross-selling.
  • Making higher-level decisions, such as continuing certain events.
  • Modifying events and / or making adjustments to more closely meet members’ needs.

If you'd like to share this helpful information with your staff or board, please feel free!  To download our Building Successful Member Engagement Guide, CLICK HERE.

It's a new day for how you can CONNECT, ENGAGE, and GROW!

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